ExO Drive v0.110 Full apk

ExO Drive v0.110 Full apk download frree android app

as our loyal user asked, here comes simple menu+ more cars for demo +1 car and full version +4 cars and more in the future.
Finally Update 0.010 Is Live! :)
Update 0.010, fixed the sudden drift when you go to highspeed, also the map has been increased again! now with 2 new towns. check out the map image to see it in full scale. remember to tell us what do you think. are we going to an better direction or should we just back down into older versions!:)
Ever Wanted To Just Freeroam/race with some of most basic cars while waiting for something!?
well wait no more ExO Drive Gives full freeroam ability + Career mod And race's at future updates!
With your support for our 1 Man Team you will help me build & make the game smoother and better
Please Lets me know every bug and issue you find, ill be sure to try to fix them!
please note.

Download apk :  ExO Drive v0.110 Full apk

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